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About Us

At Top Armor Compressions, we take pride in offering medical grade compression apparels. We are the leading and independent US-based supplier of high-quality and medical-grade compression gears for runners, athletes, and those in their senior years.

It’s our mission to offer reliable brand trusted by surgeons, athletes, and more. Our products are created with a specific weave with a strong compression system, specifically around the ankle and wrist. The compression gradually decreases towards the top of the arm or shin to provide maximum comfort. Our compression gears compress your muscles to keep them supported and contained as it improves circulation by squeezing blood back toward the heart.

What makes our compression gear better than the rest?

Our specialized compression gear helps remove metabolic wastes in the body. Since our bodies are prone to toxic wastes due to the foods we eat and the environment, we should initiate things to remove toxic wastes that will hinder our body to function healthily.

We take pride with our compression gears as it underwent rigorous research to ensure maximum benefits which include the following:

  • Provides better muscle support
  • Prevents muscle swelling due to trembling
  • Increases oxygen to the muscles
  • Aids in faster injury recovery
  • Reduces the risk of experiencing injuries
  • Helps in quick muscle recovery
  • Increases lactic acid removal
  • Prevents muscle swelling
  • Improves blood flow

Every compression gear we offer on our website is proven to be an effective aid to guarantee the benefits. At Top Armor Compressions, we use only the most sophisticated approach to apply the perfect amount of pressure or compression in our gears that specifically touch the body and penetrate the muscles.

The elasticity and compression levels are always designed for a specific use to ensure comfort and effectiveness of the compression gears. We offer compression gears for runners, athletes, and elderly. We have products like compression pants, shorts, shirts, wrist support straps, Smart Fitness waterproof tracker, and K-10 elastic sports kneepad.

Top Armor Compressions offer specific dimensions for sizing that require measurement of different parts of the body, so you get a precision fit for optimum performance. With the state-of-the-art technology used in our compression gears, you get all the benefits and more. 

Our Top Armor Compressions gear is perfect for seniors age 50 and above. With our stylish designs and perfect cuts, the elderly can enjoy wearing compression gears while reaping the benefits it offers. We have compression gears perfect for the special needs of the elderly as we make sure that our gears are comfortable, effective and suitable for different age groups.

Top Armor Compressions is also perfect for people who experience long periods of sitting or standing at work or driving that has swelling feet and arms that feels like tingling with pins and needles. Since our compression gears are medical grade, every product we offer is proven to be effective and tested by trusted doctors and physicians.

Not all compression gears in the market are created equal. If you choose to buy on us, you’d get specialized compression items that are guaranteed to last for many years of use. We help you in choosing the perfect compression gears tailor-fit for your muscles.  

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